Welcome to Premier Weed Management & Consulting

Premier Weed Management & Consulting, LLC (PWMC) is a leading, regional business in SW Colorado.  PWMC provides custom herbicide application services and weed control to improve the aesthetics and recreational value of the land and support wildlife habitats.  In addition, PWMC offers consulting services including weed management plans, soil analysis, and GPS weed mapping.

PWMC has a common bond with its customers who desire to preserve and improve the natural beauty of the land.  Customers include private property owners (HOA’s, small acreage landowners, sub-divisions and agricultural producers.)  PWMC serves large private and public entities that include oil and gas companies, county and state highway departments, and federal land agencies (Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Forest Service and national parks.)  We appeal to those who desire a pristine, native environment, which leads to a feeling of peace and pride of ownership.  Fire protection and improved wildlife habitat are additional values that are important to our customers.

PWMC is licensed and insured in Colorado.

Please call 970-903-2835 for your weed management, mapping, and consulting needs.

Hours: Monday – Friday; 9:00a.m. – 5:00p.m. (Closed During Winter)

Premier Weed Management & Consulting, LLC provides complete weed control services, based on value, reliability, and convenience, resulting in a pristine environment.