About Us

Jared Sanders: President; Director of Field Operations & Sales

Jared brings multiple talents to Premier Weed Management and Consulting. Jared has been involved in land management and noxious weed control for 17 years. He has gained a depth of valuable experience in all aspects of integrated vegetation management through his employment at Colorado Parks & Wildlife, as well as for various environmental services companies including Premier Weed Management. He first worked for Kenny and Patsy in 2008 and 2009, and most recently as manager in 2018. Along with his comprehensive field experience, Jared also received a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Biology from Fort Lewis College. Jared is responsible for all chemical applications and sales.

Kelsey Sanders: President; Office Manager; Bookkeeper

Kelsey offers many talents for the business operations of Premier Weed Management. Her experience stems from 20 years of customer service and business management positions. Most notable are the positions she held at the Portland Yacht Club and Tidewater Cove Marina. Kelsey was the head of Membership Services with Portland Yacht Club, where she was able to increase active memberships and member satisfaction. It was because of her abilities at Portland Yacht Club, that Tidewater Cove Marina gave her an offer to manage their newly constructed marina. As marina manager, she was instrumental in the early stages of the marina’s growth. Kelsey has obtained Associate Degrees in Business/Administration and Wildlife and Forestry Conservation. She is responsible for all bookkeeping services including accounts payable, accounts receivable, budgeting, and financial reporting; and she serves as Office Manager.

Together Jared and Kelsey are confident they can provide the high level of professionalism and dedication you have come to expect from Kenny and Patsy. The combination of the professional qualities of Jared and Kelsey are valuable assets for the success of Premier Weed Management & Consulting.