About Us

Kenny Smith: President, Director of Field Operations, and Marketing & Sales

Kenny brings multiple talents to Premier Weed. His 30 years of customer service and public relations experience provides a strong foundation for building a long-term customer base. Kenny’s education and extensive knowledge in production agriculture includes intensive weed management. His experience in weed management comes from his positions as owner/manager of a retail farm store, crop consultant, and agricultural extension agent with Colorado State University. Kenny’s Master’s in Business Administration compliments his agricultural experience with a keen understanding of business management.

Patsy Smith: President; Director of Finance and Administration; Bookkeeper

Patsy utilizes her 30 years of business management experience to oversee the company’s financial resources.  She is responsible for all bookkeeping services including accounts payable, accounts receivable, budgeting, and financial reporting; and she serves as phone receptionist.

The combination of the professional qualities of Kenny and Patsy are valuable assets for the success of Premier Weed Management & Consulting.